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Things To Do in Calistoga, CA

See What Calistoga Has To Offer!

Whether you’re a local of the upper Napa Valley or you’re just visiting for a week or the weekend, there’s always something new and exciting happening in our community. Most people know Napa Valley for their world-famous wines and vineyards. Wine fanatics from all of the world come to Napa Valley to see the beautiful rolling hills and to bask in the California sun.

If you’re more of an adventurer, you have to check out the Calistoga Spa Hot Springs where you can find a mud bath to hang out in along with the notable hot springs. There is also an artificial geothermal geyser that is known as “Little Old Faithful.” You’ll be blown away of the beauty of these spots.

After you’ve enjoyed wine tasting, wine touring, and a mud bath, make sure you stop over to Sharpsteen Museum. Our history museum was created by Ben and Bernice Sharpsteen back in 1978 in order to preserve the history of the upper Napa Valley, and we are constantly having new, special exhibits come in and out every six months.

Your friends and family will have a great day at the museum, and you might even learn a thing or two!

With various special events, exhibitions, photographs, and all different pieces of history, there’s always something to see and fun facts to learn. Here’s a small fun fact: Ben Sharpsteen was an Academy Award-winning animator, director, and producer who worked for Walt Disney Studios!

You can choose to either stroll through the museum by yourself of go on a walking tour with one of our friendly staff members. So when you’re done exploring, make sure to visit our store where you can take home some books to continue learning about the history of Calistoga, CA. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Visit the Sharpsteen Museum

Make a Day Trip Out of It

If you’re a history buff and you either live in Calistoga, CA or you’re just visiting, you have to come check out the Sharpsteen Museum. The Sharpsteen Museum is the perfect place to take a day trip with your family or with your friends. Why? Learning a slice of history can add some excitement to your day!

The History of the Sharpsteen Museum

Ben and Bernice Sharpsteen first opened the museum back in 1978 and donated the museum to the City of Calistoga. The couple created the museum to provide public exhibitions of the community of Calistoga and the upper Napa Valley. Nowadays, we are constantly adding special exhibits that change every six months. Come and see our antique silverware, historical musical instruments, and more.

You’ll truly go on a walk through time as you look through and read about the various artifacts and pieces of history we have on display. No matter what period of history you enjoy, there’s always something new to learn. Take the Napa Valley Railroad, for instance. This display features a model train that takes you through what it was like back in 1868 when this railroad was brought to Calistoga.

Visit Us

Making a day trip to the Sharpsteen Museum is always a fun and educational experience. People of all ages enjoy coming to our museum at all points throughout the year. You can come for a few hours or stay for the whole day. Whatever you decide, know that you won’t be bored while visiting us.

As you leave, feel free to visit our store and take a little piece of history home with you. This way you can continue learning about Calistoga even when you leave our museum. You can walk around by yourself or book a tour. If you’re interested in having a tour, give us a call to make the arrangements!