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What’s New

Fun Events & New Exhibits

Looking for new places to go in Calistoga, CA? The Sharpsteen Museum offers many exhibits and fun events to keep everyone in the family entertained. Our museum is home to cultural artifacts, rotating exhibits, and more. Sharpsteen Museum is the perfect location for field trips for students in Napa Valley. Check back here often to see what’s new at the museum.

One of Sharpsteen Museum’s most recent acquisitions is a copy of the “Handbook of Calistoga Springs Or, Little Geysers.” This booklet was printed in 1871 by Sam Brannan to advertise “Calistoga Springs,” the original Hot Springs resort he established in 1862. Included within these pages are a map and lithographs of the resort and surrounding areas, as well as full descriptions written in beautiful 19th-century prose.

We treasure this little gem so much that we had it reproduced as closely as possible to the original, even down to the gold foil-embossed cover. It contains 28 pages of text; six illustrations; a fold-out lithograph of Calistoga Springs; and a fold-out map of the San Francisco Bay area with Calistoga clearly marked. A limited number of copies of this book are now available for sale in ourmuseum book store. 

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Looking back: An 1868 letter that ran in 
the Daily Alta newspaper


The following is a transcript of a letter that ran on May 11, 1868, in the Daily Alta, a San Francisco newspaper that published from 1849 to 1891. The Daily Alta was a descendant paper of Sam Brannan’s California Star, which was published from 1847-1848, shutting down when its staff left for the gold rush. The article is provided by Kathy Bazzoli, a board member of the Sharpsteen Museum.

Our little community was startled out of its priority night before last about half-past eleven by an unmistakable earthquake, jarring the houses and shaking up the economy of life in the upper part of the Napa Valley beyond anything ever before known here. The shocks, which appeared to come from the northward, were accompanied by subterranean rumblings peculiarly ominous at the dead of night. . .

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