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The Sharpsteen Museum is home to thousands of vintage photographs, many are on display on our overhead TV located in the main gallery above the pop-up geyser exhibit. There are also photograph books nearby where you can select and purchase old photos of your liking. Here are just a few samples:

Ship in Golden Gate
Shady Brook Resort
Original Pacheteau's
Palm Row Orig Photo
Palm Row
OatHill Mine
Nance's  HS
Nance's and Springs
Mountain Home Ranch 2
Myrtledale Dining Room
Mountain Home Ranch 1
Mill near Petrified Forest
Mark West Cr Rd
ICAdams 1865 Brannan Resort
Johnsons Cosmopolitan Hotel
Hotel Calistoga 2
Hotel Calistoga 1
Calistoga Panorama
Early Calistoga
Castle Rock
Drugstore ad
Bridge Lincoln Ave Iron
Calistoga Overview
Bridge -Lincoln Ave Iron
Calistoga from North
Bridge Lake Cty Rd
Bridge Greenwood Ave
Bridge Berry St
Auto Stage to Resorts
Brannan Mill
Bale Mill
Brannan Pioneer Mill
Alders Card
Toll House
Historical 01
Historical 03 Calistoga_Hotel,_Napa_Co_,_Cal,_by_Watkins,_Carleton_E_,_1829-1916
Historical 04 - Calistoga_Springs,_by_Muybridge,_Eadweard,_1830-1904
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