Thollander Exhibit continues

through December, 2021

A Retrospective of Earl Thollander –

Recording life through Art

It would be impossible to show every piece of his work, but our upcoming exhibit will give you a sampling of the life and art of Earl Thollander. Hosted by his family, wife Janet, children Wes (Lauren) and Kristie you will have the opportunity to take a walk in his shoes and experience his life one piece at a time.

During his career he illustrated over 62 children’s, cooking and travel books. He produced at least 60 one-man showings and participated in countless group and invitational shows. This tireless productivity and focus are a tribute to his insatiable curiosity, love of learning, life and the recording of it through his art.

Earl Thollander was born in 1923. It is hard to imagine all that he accomplished, all that he was able to give back to the world he loved within a mere 78 years, but we suppose that is why God created heroes.

By 1964, Earl and his family had acquired a country home in Knights Valley making it a permanent residence in 1969. He became, and remains famous for his many pen and ink drawings of Mt. St. Helena, our vineyards and structures throughout Calistoga and the Valley.

Once asked how felt about his life here, he responded: “I am inspired and charmed by the life which surrounds me where I live. It could be an unusual sky of billowing clouds or bright sunlight shining through a break in them; fogs mysterious blanket of softness, or mists rising in the bright sunshine following seasonal rains. Spider webs illuminated in the grasses by morning dew glinting in the early light of day, or doe’s with their spring fawns grazing in the meadow below our house and gray squirrels leaping about bending down the tree branches; all inspire me to love life. To make pictures has been the joy of my life. I would gladly begin it all again.”


Earl Thollander, 1923-2001

We are proud to welcome you

all to share Earl’s life of wonder


Daily 12pm-3pm

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