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Calistoga- The Saratoga of the Pacific. And so it begins, a journey into “The Handbook of Calistoga Springs”, written in 1871:

It seems hardly possible that the tourist, who this morning was wrapping his cloak about him as a protection against the raw, searching ocean gales of San Francisco, should be luxuriating at noon in the sunny warmth of Calistoga, in the secluded interior, under the picturesque heights of the Coast range; and after a journey of 4 hours from the City, be seeking the grateful coolness of the woods, and courting the mountain breezes.

This handbook (6-1/4” x 9-1/2”) includes over 30 beautifully descriptive pages, lithographs and foldouts of Sam Brannan’s original hot springs resort, first opened in 1862. This book has been carefully reproduced and is available only at the Sharpsteen Museum.

Handbook of Calistoga Springs, 1871- Sharpsteen Reprints

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