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They came in droves, to see the Geysers, to ride with Clark Foss who “handled four or six horses like you’d handle that many cats. He would lift them right off their feet and swing them around the corners so fast you couldn’t see the leading team.” They came to climb Mount St. Helena, to search for gold and silver and cinnabar, to shoot a wife’s lover, to paint landscapes, to plant and to harvest, and to be “in paradise”. Pioneer, actress, adventurer, writer, explorer, journalist, settler, Indian, Russian, Mexican- the cavalcade of makers and takers was as odd as an assortment as can be found anywhere in fact or fiction. They Left Their Mark is an entertaining and invigorating collection of early passages through California’s famous Wine Country.

Second Edition, 1998. Paperback

They Left Their Mark by Joan Parry Dutton

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